Kevin Tull
Thursday, April 26, 2018
It's a trip looking at  all the  pictures and names. Brings back memories. Life there was  some of the best of times. I live in Little rock Ar. and all I can say is this, Y'all stay cool now hear. Please let me know if Y'all do another reunion I'd  love to see everybody.  Peace,    Kevin
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  Barbara Purdy Leiker
Saturday, August 5, 2017
               August 5, 2017

   %uD83D%uDC0ESMHS class of 1972's%uD83D%uDC34 
  45th High School REUNION
      The SMHS class of 1972 is having a 45th year Reunion potluck/ barbecue at an alumni's home in Petaluma. 
     It's being organized on a Facebook Messenger group called: '45th SMHS reunion' where anyone in the group can share ideas, rsvp as confirmed or may be coming, sign up for a potluck dish or perhaps volunteer yourself to help with  anything from barbecuing to being on the clean up crew. You'll see who's coming, who's a maybe, who's bringing what, and who is volunteering for whatever. I update, with the current date, the information post with any changes that come my way or occur on the thread, keeping the lists and sign ups current.      
      There is no committee. We just started planning a small group get-together and it has wonderfully grown with the input of the alumni who have participated on this Facebook Messenger group. 
     You can contact me with your name, as it appears on Facebook, by way of Facebook or Facebook Messenger, so I can add you directly into the FB Messenger group, or you can email me with your contact info at and we can communicate through email. 
       I am also in the Marin County phone book so you can call and leave me a message, on my home phone, as to how you'd like me to get the information to you. You can also give me the contact info for any other of our classmates that you're in touch with! We hope yo see you there! 
             ~Barbara Purdy Leiker

•%uD83D%uDDD3Sat Aug26th, 2017
•%uD83C%uDFE0in Petaluma---
A map%uD83D%uDEE3, the address and phone number will be available to you once you join our Facebook Messenger Group or receive your email from me. 
•Set up time 11:30am %uD83D%uDD66
•Arrival time 2:00%uD83D%uDD51; party continues to 8:00ish%uD83D%uDD57%uD83C%uDF89
•%uD83D%uDCB5Pay %uD83E%uDD11host small price for barbecue ribs and %uD83C%uDF57chicken, if you're confirmed as coming. Those not confirmed can bring their own meat for our alumni chefs to barbecue, if you end up being able to come at the  last minute. 
•Bring your own chair. 
•Bring your own beverages
•EACH person brings a dish to share with a %uD83C%uDF74*serving utensil* 
• casual %uD83D%uDC56
•awesome '70's %uD83C%uDFB8music
will be played. %uD83C%uDFB5

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  Ramona Anderson
Monday, July 20, 2015
 I will be there this year at the Viking and lots of sweets for the Viking crowd. Truffles and all sorts European chocolates. I have not been able to attend only one reunion I went to, but better this tear no chemo this year still here. love what I do  making chocolate. French Chocolatier from France Ramona Anderson class of 1977
aka Monet Janee European French chocolates.
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  Mark walker
Monday, June 15, 2015
Are john Beckman, Dale delosso or Mike Martin stiil around? Class of 75
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  vince speer
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
hornets rule !!!
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  Mike Faires
Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for the invite and all. But I think I'm gonna back out. This is your thing. You guys have fun. Say Hi to my sister Leanne, and my brother Randy.
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  Debi Lucas
Friday, January 11, 2013
How awesome that you have kept this webisite up and going for future reunions!  Although I graduated from NHS, there are so many of you I went to Elementary and Jr High (Hill) with that I look forward to reuniting with everyone and having a great time! 
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  Kerry Press Moore
Thursday, August 18, 2011
Thank you to everyone who came out to the reunion on Saturday! The response has been overwhelming as far as the good time had by all!
There are so many people who were not properly thanked that day. They are as follows:

Kathy Meierdierks Fagan who put in so much time and effort creating this wonderful website.
Sundy Carrigan Roberts who created the San Marin Reunion page on facebook.
Judy Baczynski Greenwood who kept track of our finances and organized the lunch that brought most of this group together.
John and Diane Baczynski who opened their home for our meeting and served us a delicious brunch. Also for the help at the check in table.
Tim St.Clair for the fantastic music! I'm sorry you didn't get a BIG thank you at the time.
Patty Bergamini for burning the CD's for us.
Cathy Bergamini St.Clair for supplies, set-up, check in and for your patient input at meetings.
Kathleen (Kay) Lehman for opening your home for our meeting and providing brunch complete with homemade specialties. Set up, check in, and always sharing your sense of humor.
Christine Miller, ditto on the sense of humor and add a ton of energy. Also for planting the seed for this reunion and getting the ball rolling. Set up, clean up, and margaritas.
Caryn Gregory Worswick for supplies, set up, check in, and clean up.
Judy Earnest for research, supplies, set up, check in and clean up.
Cynthia Carter-Jackson for your unwavering support, positive energy and humor.
Doreen Drake Skinner for taking on my invitation to help for the class of '76. Also, memorabilia and set up and for the beautiful sunflowers.
Dan Schultz for also sharing duties for the class of '76. Set up, clean up , providing the wine for prizes and putting on the golf tournament. Hopefully we have more golfers next time Dan!
Jennifer Carter Palacio for her efforts for the class of '77. Supplies, set up, and the yellow roses for the committee.
Linda Gauer Pine for getting the class of '78 involved. Supplies and set up.
And lastly, my wonderful husband, Doug, who pitched in wherever we needed him and made my life so much easier.
My hope is that after seeing what a positive experience this was that many more people will get involved and attend next time. The other classes could use some help with the sharing of information and just plain effort it takes to pull it off. Personally, it was very rewarding for me to reconnect with people that I had lost touch with and to join together for the same goal. Take away everything else and it's really the people attending that make the reunion! See you next time!!
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  Pam Scotto
Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Great reunion. Thank You Kerry and Thank You  to all the "Yellow Rose" Workers!The class of 75 still to this day RULES!!!! 
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  Holly (Allen) Wilson
Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Hello to all my San Marin friends! Wish I could be there next month, but alas am limited mostly by time and distance. (I have lived in Nebraska for the last 18 years.)

GIGANTINORMOUS kudos to Kerry Press for her faithful hard work. As I told her recently, she continues to be the "spark plug" that she always was for the Class of 1975. Thanks Kerry!

Holly (Allen) Wilson
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  Lynn Miller Sennett
Thursday, April 21, 2011
Hi -

Hope to be there!!  I loved San Marin and of course Novato and the Bay Area. 

Made the 10 and 30 year reunions, and will do my best to be there. 

Great that you sent me the link Kerry!! xo to all - Lynn

(an East Coast girl now - but California always in my heart).
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  Kerry Press Moore
Tuesday, April 19, 2011
The thing that makes it successful is the people! The better the turnout, the better the reunion. I bet there are connections you have forgotten about that will be a great surprise. Also, with other classes attending , more people, more fun!
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  Holly Godwin-Reilly
Monday, April 18, 2011
Good Job to all involved in getting this reunion off the ground!  Wish I were there to help!!  I've not made a reunion since the first one but am trying hard to make this one.   

For the moment....Hello All!!  Feel free to swing by our website and see who I turned into.. :-)  If you can find him...follow the Cheshire for more..
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